Moises Ignacio Garcia is a Full Sail University graduate with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Recording Arts. Though his focus is the guitar, Garcia is a man of many instruments –he plays the violin, piano, and bass. He makes music for various mediums, and loves to implement music, sound design, and audio to create a sense of hyperrealism.

He began his musical journey at the age of 11 with his first instrument, the violin. Being involved in Orchestra and sharpening his musical skills made him more aware about how important music can be to a person. After 3 years of being in Orchestra he decided to pick up another instrument, the guitar. It was then when he truly became more involved with music as he progressed his skills by taking a “Midi” class in high school where it was required to perform at a live event, and Jazz Band. After high school Garcia went into college with music on mind. While in college he expanded his musical mind even more by taking Classical Guitar, Piano, Ear Training, and Music Theory classes. Once his basic fundamental courses were met Garcia transferred to Full Sail University where he learned how to manipulate audio, use gear, and meet tight deadlines.

Being a self taught guitarist at an early age Garcia likes to make music with feeling and by ear. Once a musical phrase has sprouted only then will he consider adding more music theory to the equation. Garcia believes sound and music are catalysts for every human emotion, making us want more. He finds creating audio elements that inspire how one feels that results in them immersing themselves in their imagination fulfilling.